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real name: *^_^*

home: Japan

role: Art on greeneyes and Magnesium, with occasional assistance from A. greeneyes character designs, story assistance, Kirara's drink selection. Magnesium scripts.

info: Not a whole lot is known about K, outside of the Red Eyes and greeneyes staff. We can't even tell you why we can't tell you anything.


home: USA

role: greeneyes concept, script, and background (based on setting by Jason Robinson). Iodine concept and story. Arsenic concept and scripts. Digital image manipulation, web site.

info: There's already too much info about Jet available at his personal site, Jetfuel Lives!.


name: Phil Muñoz

home: Philippines

role: Iodine story and art.

info: Frog's main project is Roses and Thorns, a comic based loosely on our IRC group and some miscellaneous influences. He also has a personal site that displays his work. We approached Frog about doing a quick guest page featuring a minor character, but it worked out so well that he was asked to continue drawing Bolt stories, and Iodine was born.


name: Sean Tay

home: Singapore

role: Arsenic art.

info: Icchan is another IRC friend who was asked to do a guest page and then agreed to continue the story. The character of Tresse Laura Steinert and the story of Arsenic were created specifically to complement his excellent style.

Bryan Wong

name: Bryan Wong

home: USA

role: Potassium art and story.

info: Bryan Wong was recruited after jet became a big fan of his Seasons of Constancy project. When Bryan sent in gift art of μ, it became apparent that he'd be an excellent addition to the greeneyes staff.

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