The ∫ (Integral) Subculture

Teenaged misfits of the 23rd century, "Integrals", as they are called, can be compared to the gaming/otaku subcultures of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Their name comes from the pseudolanguage they use on computer networks, wherein articles(the, an, a) are represented by the integral sign from calculus(∫). Outsiders on these networks, not knowing the codes, see cryptic lines of symbols sprinkled with ∫s. While they had no definite name for themselves, ∫ were dubbed so when, in online publications, the need for a general name arose. ∫ identify themselves physically and in Neon with lemon symbology(yes, the fruit. this confuses outsiders; ∫ know this and some flaunt it for kicks). Their dress is varied, but they tend to make exensive use of "dynamic fashion", heinously expensive articles made of a plasticky material that acts as a high-resolution display. One downloads image files and scripts to the article, which then displays static or animated designs and patterns. A dynamic dress can easily cost three to six months' part-time pay. This means that it is common for an ∫ to wear the same clothes every day, and run them through a special wash process every two or three days. The unifying element for ∫ is their passion for all things navi-related. Personal computers as introduced in the 20th century live on in the form of the navi, a compact processing unit which can connect to any number of input/output devices. Hacking, gaming, and other forms of alternative entertainment have reached unforeseen heights, producing a number of major subcultures, including ∫.

Basically, imagine geeks who are as hip and unflappable in RL as they are on the net.

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