MMV.8.9: Finality? by jetfuel(
K has been missing in action for a while. She's fine, but apparently she's busy with all sorts of stuff for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile I'm also pretty busy with other things. I'm not sure when greeneyes will be back, but I hope that it will be someday. We're very sorry that things are so uncertain. Thanks for your support.

MMIV.12.22: Things by jetfuel(
Well, some things are going on. A couple of new pages, a couple of additions to the omake page, and a few rumblings of new creativity going on. We hope you are all well.

MMIII.11.9: NotSoBadromedia by jetfuel(
My new PowerBook has arrived, and it is an absolute joy to use. The really good news for this project is that Fireworks actually starts up on this new one, so I was able to assemble the latest page. Check it out.

MMIII.11.4: Suckromedia by jetfuel(
Well, I've spent the silly amount of money to upgrade from the slow, crappy Macromedia Fireworks MX to the slow, crappy Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004. Sadly, the application won't even launch. I don't know if this is Fireworks' fault (probably) or Panther's fault (doubt it). Anyway, I have a new 12" PowerBook G4 on its way to me this week, and I will see if a new installation on a fresh Panther system will work any better. I have the next page sitting here on my hard drive just waiting to be assembled, so it will be done as soon as I can get Fireworks to, uh, work.

MMIII.8.25: reviewed by jetfuel(
A quite happy review of our silly comic has appeared at The site seems to be quite a high-quality destination for your comix info needs, but I could just be saying that because they called us stunning.

I'm still suspicious that the mailing list is not working. Tell us if you're not getting any emails.

MMIII.7.12 1800: printy by jetfuel(
Our friends the Wong Brothers (you know Bryan from over at Seasons of Constancy) are putting together a printed comic that will contain a four-page preview of greeneyes: "potassium". It's a riotous work that looks like it will be really spectacular, and I'm rather excited about it all. It's not every day you show up in the credits of a printed work, let alone one this cool. We also get to stick a one-page greeneyes ad in there, which I'm rushing to throw together right now. Check it check it out; at $3 you can't go wrong.

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